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Practical Flogging 101
Ms. Simone
Flogging for Sensation - It's all about feeling good, not looking good.
First, let me state that the opinions contained within this article are
just that: my opinion. The terms are what I am comfortable with.
Many may not be PC. Second, I am of the mind that many others
might disagree with what I put forth here. That is fine. We are many
and varied within this community and there is plenty of room for
diversity. Having done by disclaimer, let's move on.
Flogging! This is one of the first skills many new players acquire. It
appears to be the easiest to learn, next to spanking. However, both of
those activities hold subtle nuances that can enhance them from
simple impact to erotic sensation. Bringing that energy and power to
flogging is what this paper is about. How do we transform flogging
form an ordinary, bored with it activity to one we look forward to
doing? Some have tried the fancy showmanship style of flogging.
While I admit this takes skill and it looks really impressive, I feel it
sidesteps the real goal of flogging: to excite and elicit a response from
our partner receiving the sensations. After all are we not here for that
reason, not to show off. The energy exchange is one of the underlying
reasons we engage in this lifestyle.
The first step in discovering how to do sensation flogging (cr: 2005) is
to know your tools. If we are not knowledgeable of the sensations
created by the myriad of floggers available, we can not accurately use
them on our partners. We need to know the material, what it feels like
and the types of marks it could leave. I have seen too many newbies
pick up a chain flogger, go all weak kneed and begin to use it on their
partner. They seem surprised then at the welts that rise up. All of the
floggers available today on the market can be used on a continuum.
Soft to hard. This is aside from material what they are constructed of.
Ms. Simone
Copyright © Simone Inc. 2007
So, let's go over some of them:

A good place to start, very popular with light sensualists.
Deer is good as both a warm-up and an in-between tool. After a
very heavy bull, I like to caress the back with a deer. Can also
warm the skin to higher sensation after such a beating.

It has the softness of deer but much heavier when striking.
Elk weighs more so its impact is thuddier. A good starting point
for a thud rotation.

This is a favorite of mine as it is a great sensual in-
between tool. Good place for novices to start to move up. Go
hard and heavy, then return to your suede and watch your
partner melt! The ends of suede can deliver a great sting.

Can feel like butter on skin! Very soft. Delivers little
sting, more thud. Good for caressing the skin lightly.

This is the most popular material for flogger makers. Easy
to work with, the cow hide can vary from soft to heavy grade.
More stingy than others. When purchasing you really need to
pay attention to the grade.

heavy leather all around. Heavy to throw and heavy on
impact. Thud instead of sting, but the tails are wonderful for
heavy sting if you can manipulate it right.

Very sharp, usually rough thong sides and tails. Light to
throw but gives a deep sting quickly.
Ms. Simone
Copyright © Simone Inc. 2007

Very intense, quick to mark a sub. Depending on the
way it is constructed, it may cut.

Depending on how it is constructed, it can be wonderfully
light or really harsh. If thick cording, it may leave welts.

Wonderfully light to throw and incredibly stingy.
Great to use after a very heavy thud run or an intense one such
as rubber or chain.

not to be played with lightly unless you are going to use
it as a temperature tool, not a flogger. Will cut skin or blood
blisters. Not to be used lightly.
This is just some of the materials I have seen floggers constructed
from. I am always amazed when I see a new take on an old standby.
Combination floggers are also very popular. I do not go into marks
from each one due to the fact that it really depends on the people
playing and the type of scene. A chain flogger can be used and not
cut. At the same time, a suede one could miss-hit and leave a welt. It
all depends on how the tool is wielded. For sensation flogging, you use
the entire whip, not just the body of falls. You can use the sides of the
falls, the tips of the tails and even the handle. Be aware of these other
features when seeking to purchase a whip.
Wielding the flogger is the most important step in learning how to do
sensation flogging. Most of us know the basic X pattern (also known as
the figure 8) for flogging. We know to stay away from the spine
directly. Now we need to move beyond that to other ways to move the
whip. Other than the X pattern, you have the H pattern, the W
pattern, the double line pattern, baseball bat and the snap. The H
pattern goes up one shoulder blade, across to the other and down.
This can be to encompass the buttocks as well, giving a nice jump to
the sub.
Ms. Simone
Copyright © Simone Inc. 2007
The W pattern is a bit more complex, going up straight, over at an
angle, down at an angle, then up again. Double line is a side to side
repeated motion with the flogger across the back.
Baseball bat is a full force hit straight across the tops of the shoulder
blades. With this you need to be very precise with your aim. Do not go
below the shoulder blades or above the tailbone. A full force swing in
the middle of the back can be crippling. Snap is just that! A snap to
the flesh with just the tails of the falls. Most of these techniques can
be done on the breast/chest area as well. I often use the double line
on breasts, but with a small enough flogger, you can do the W and H.
Snapping works well on the chest area. Move beyond just the back
region. Use the whole body of your partner. Use the flogger as your
paintbrush to put your energy onto their skin canvas. Pillows make
great practice dummies till you get the movement down and help in
gauging your force.
Force is an important thing to master when you are flogging for
sensation. Even a chain flogger can be used if the force is light
enough. Light force usually results in a sensation much like someone
breathing on the back of you neck and giving you goose bumps. Vary
your force to surprise them. Start out light, and then give a heavy
whack! Vice versa! It is a wonderful thing to watch the sub try to
guess how and where you will strike next. It adds the mind fuck
element to your flogging. These are just a few other techniques you
can use to vary the sensation in your flogging scene.
Ms. Simone
Copyright © Simone Inc. 2007
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