Practical Guide to Astral Projection by Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming

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The Llewellyn Practical Guide to
The Out-of-Body Experience
Denning & Phillips
"Even though psychology and even parapsychology have
failed in their attempts to understand the out-of-body experi-
ence, considerable occult wisdom has been devoted to the
subject. Denning and Phillips have done a commendable job
of summarizing and codifying both traditional and occult
teachings on the experience. Their fun and easy-to-read in-
structions for inducing out-of-body travel should be of benefit
to anyone sincerely interested in experimenting with astral
- D. Scott Rogo
Leaving the Body
"The graded series of exercises leading up to fully con-
scious, willed astral projection is both straightforward and
effective, designed not for show, but to get practical results.
Even those with no experience in magical techniques can
benefit greatly from this system."
- Donald Tyson
The New Magus
"Even today - in this time of more universal awareness of
the metaphysical sciences - nothing mystifies the lay person
and practitioner more than the science of astral projection.
Denning and Phillips have created a manual by which anyone
can consciously develop this ability. Its step-by-step approach
serves to eliminate fears and reward efforts. It includes every-
thing to awaken and develop ability, and everything necessary
to enhance one's art of living through its use. Nothing is left but
the doing!"
- Ted Andrews
Simplified Magic
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Llewellyn Publications
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Astral Projection
This book is a complete and straightforward guide to Astral
Projection, that age-old technique of out-of-body experience
that is a natural faculty of the human psyche.
Written in a flowing and easily-readable style, this book
carries the student gently, yet thoroughly, through the essen-
tial stages of inner growth and development of psychic
potential necessary to the achievement of Astral Projection in
full consciousness.
Not only are the requisite practices set forth in a detailed
and lucid manner, but the vital reasons for undertaking them
are made plain. Furthermore, the authors demonstrate the
great benefit to be derived from the various practices them-
From the first simple steps such as breathing exercises,
through to the splendor of conscious adventure in the astral
worlds, this book is replete with valuable information and
sensitive guidance.
For all who have wished for a sane, in-depth and honest
approach to out-of-body experience, this book will be a vital
addition to its subject.
About the Authors
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips are internationally-rec-
ognized authorities on the mainstream Western Mysteries
and two of the foremost exponents of the Ogdoadic Tradi-
tion, that premier hermetic school whose keywords are
knowledge and regeneration, and whose influence and works
are historically traceable for the past one thousand years.
The authors received their major esoteric training in the
magical order Aurum Solis, a society which was founded in
1897 and which has continued in active existence to the pre-
sent day. On July 8, 1987, the authors, then heads of Aurum
Solis, retired from the Order; but on June 23, 1988, at the
unanimous request of the members, they resumed office.
Over the years, Denning and Phillips have produced
many successful books and tapes in close collaboration with
Llewellyn Publications.
Melita Denning passed over in 1996.
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About Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series
To some people, the idea that "Magick" is practical comes as
a surprise.
It shouldn't. The entire basis for Magick is to exercise
influence over one's environment. Magick is an interactive
process of spiritual growth and psychological transformation.
Even so, the spiritual life rests firmly on material foundations.
Magick is a way of life and must be lived, not just talked
about, and that includes experiencing the wonders, pleasures
and pains of material existence.
The material world and the spiritual are intertwined and
it is this very interconnectedness that provides the Magickal
Link, the magickal means for the spirit to influence the mate-
rial, and vice versa.
Magick can be used in one's daily life for better living and
in opening the doors to new worlds of mind and spirit. Each
of us has been given Mind and Body, and it is our spiritual
opportunity to make full use of these wonderful gifts. Mind
and Body work together, and Magick is simply the extension
of this interaction into dimensions beyond the limits normally
perceived. That's why we commonly talk of the "supernor-
mal" in connection with the domain of Magick.
The Body is alive, and all Life is an expression of the
Divine. There is spiritual, Magickal power in the Body and in
the Earth, just as there is in Mind and Spirit. With Love and
Will, we use Mind to link these aspects of Divinity together to
bring about change. We add to the beauty of it all - for to
work Magick we must work in concert with the Laws of
Nature and of the Psyche. Magick is the flowering of our
Human Potential.
Practical Magick is concerned with the craft of living well,
in harmony with the cycles of Nature and the seasons'of the
Earth. We increase the flow of Divinity in our lives, and in the
world around us, through the things we make with hand and
mind. All our acts of Will and desire are magickal acts.
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