Practical Knight Endings - Gm Edmar Mednis, Chess, Chess P

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Grandmaster Edmar Mednis
Chess Enterprises
© Copyright 1993 by Edmar Medis. ll rights reseved.
ISBN 0-945470-35-5
Typset: B. G. Dudley
Chess Enterprises, 107 Crosstree Road, Moon Township, PA 15108-2607
One of the many marks showing that the inventor of
chess was a genius is making the Bishop and Knight - two
abolutely diferent pics - aout equivalent in material value.
In my
ook Practical Bshop Endins
I addrssed the imortant
principles and techniques of playing same color and opposite
color Bishop endings. The Bishop is inherently a logical,
straightforward piece. The principles of Bishop endings are
inherently logical and straightforward also. Knowing and
undestanding these principles, when added to the not very
large number of sophisticated techniques presented in the
is enough for the practical player.
night endins is quite nother matter.
evey egin­
ner realis, the night is a very tricy piece. More knowledge
and effort are required to handle Knight endings well as
compared to Bishop endings. Of course, Knight endings also
have imortant principls and the need to e mstered. But
Knight endins need a lot more. A simplified comprion with
Bishop endins givs the following guidelins: the secial need
in Bisho
endins is ophistication; night endins require lots
of creativity and calculation. Since there is more to know in
Knight endins,
Practical night Endins
is, of necssity, longer
Practical Bishop Endins.
Mst of the material in the ook is bed on my writins
on endgams in magzins.
required, the material hs een
rewritten, expanded and corrected. Sources have been the
standrd ons: magazins,
and eonal contacts. When
appropriate, direct credit is given in the text. Of course, any
erros remain my rsonsibiliy. I would appreciate your calling
them to my attention.
To ensure that the reader and the author are on the
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