Progressive Witchcraft, WICCA, MAGIA, CZAROWNICE, NEOPOGANIE, Wicca-Witchcraft

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//-->Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone have pushed the boundaries of Witchcraft,challenging old dogma, and have presented a practical, workable updateto craft skills. They describe not only the techniques, but the metaphysicsbehind witchcraft practice, demystifying the practical processes ofwitchcraft whilst retaining the experiential core mysteries. This book isessential reading for all, whether they have been in the craft for days oryears. The more you don’t think you’ll need it—the more you find you will!—PentacleMagazine.In considering our craft, it’s impossible not to notice the ongoingcontributions of Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. Beyond the written word,these people have served our community with heart and hand—joyously,honorably, respectfully, and with a genuine humanity that is rare.—Patricia Telesco, author ofA Witch’s Beveragesand Brews, Goddess In My Pocket, The VictorianGrimoireandThe Language of Dreams.Janet Farrar has long been established as one of the most prominentwriters on the history and nature of modern witchcraft, and herpartnership with Gavin Bone has produced a particularly dynamic andinteresting literary collaboration, capable of dealing with any aspect of thesubject. One effect of their work has been to act as a powerfulcounterbalance to tendencies to fundamentalism and narrow-mindednessamong modern witches, and their new book promises to make aconsiderable contribution to that work. It should be exciting, informedand effective as few other authors in the field have the potential to be.—Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol,author ofThe Triumph of the MoonandStations of the Sun:A History of the Ritual Year in Britain.Drawing upon their combined decades of personal and professionalexperiences, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone take us on a journey throughthe past histories and present incarnations of Witchcraft. But as the truepioneers that they are, they then forge ahead taking us with them into afuture where Witchcraft is both an evolutionary and revolutionary spiritualforce that can change the world.The key to the future of Witchcraft may indeed lie in its past. But as JanetFarrar and Gavin Bone point out with much wit and wisdom inProgressive Witchcraft,this might not be exactly the same version of “thepast” that you were taught!A refreshingly honest look into the Witchcraft of the past with a visionaryeye focused firmly upon its future.A truly visionary work. Janet and Gavin prove once again why they areamong the most respected and widely read authors of our time.What Witchcraft was is not as important as what it will be. As JanetFarrar and Gavin Bone take us through and then beyond thecontroversies surrounding our Witchcraft/Wiccan roots, a trulyevolutionary vision of the future begins to unfold.—TheWitches’ Voice.Progressive Witchcraft is required reading and an important contributionto the powerful, anti-dogmatic, and evolutionary leap occurring withinmodern Wicca and Witchcraft. It is a wise, inspiring, and useful guide forall those seeking the real and holy magic of union with the Divine, the truepurpose of this profound spiritual path.—Phyllis Curott, esq. Priestess and author of thebestsellingBook of ShadowsandWitchCrafting.PROGRESSIVEROGRESSIVEITCHCRAFTWITCHCRAFTSPIRITUALITY, MYSTERIES,ANDTRAINING INMODERNWICCAByJanet Farrar&Gavin BoneNEWPAGEBOOKSA division of The Career Press, Inc.Franklin Lakes, NJCopyright © 2004 by Janet Farrar & Gavin BoneAll rights reserved under the Pan-American and International Copyright Con-ventions. This book may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or byany means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by anyinformation storage and retrieval system now known or hereafter invented, with-out written permission from the publisher, The Career Press.PROGRESSIVEWITCHCRAFTEDITED BYNICOLEDEFELICE ANDLAURENMANOYTYPESET BYEILEENDOWMUNSONCover design by Cheryl Cohan FinbowPrinted in the U.S.A. by Book-mart PressTo order this title, please call toll-free 1-800-CAREER-1 (NJ and Canada:201-848-0310) to order using VISA or MasterCard, or for further information onbooks from Career Press.The Career Press, Inc., 3 Tice Road, PO Box 687,Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417www.careerpress.comwww.newpagebooks.comLibrary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataFarrar, Janet.Progressive witchcraft : spirituality, mysteries, and training in modern wicca /by Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone.p. cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 1-56414-719-31. Witchcraft. I. Bone, Gavin. II. Title.BF1571.F346 2004299'.94—dc222003066474 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]