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without the expressed written permission of Zach Even - Esh.
This manual is being offered for education and information purposes only. There
is inherent risk with any physical activity.
Please consult your physician before starting this (or any) exercise program.
Underground Strength Coach & Zach Even - Esh Performance Systems, LLC
can not be held responsible for any injury that may occur while participating in
this program.
Copyright 2012
Underground Strength Coach
Zach Even - Esh Performance Systems, LLC
Project X - Phase I
In this printable document you’re going to find a 12 week collection of my workouts
created through the years. These workouts are gonna push you like a MadMan and
you’ll be doing a shit ton of soul searching during this training course. You’re training for
life. Period. I already warned you that this would be hard.
Each workout will push you in a different manner, physically & mentally. Some workouts
are focused on muscle building and strength, others on strength endurance, speed
endurance & conditioning, others.... a blend of muscle building, absolute strength &
explosive power. Most of these workouts are straight up a test of your character.
You can quit during your first week due to the shock of the overall intensity and follow a
normal training program, lying to yourself, telling yourself you did your best.... or. you
can get your head together and find a way to enjoy the challenge.
It might take you a few workouts or it might take you a few weeks. Heck, it might take
you all 12 weeks to discover how to laugh at these workouts. This is a BIG mind shift
you’re about to go through but you won’t know unless you REALLY try and refuse to
I’ve been influenced through my years in training since 1989 from MANY resources: old
school bodybuilding, Navy SEALs,, CrossFit, Dragon Door authors, the
powerlifting community (especially Louie Simmons, Bill “Peanuts” West & Jim Wendler)
and plenty more. Experience has taught me the most, because after decades of in the
trenches experience, I learn the difference between scientific training methods and shit
that works in the real world.
I’ve been lucky enough to learn from Navy SEALs as well, whom I’ve met through my
years as a Strength Coach. These men have mentored me, inspired me & taught me
that the body is FAR more capable than we allow it to be. I can’t thank these men
enough, they know who they are and they’ve helped shape me into a stronger man,
inside and out.
With all the bull shit floating around on the internet nowadays about CNS burn out, over
training and in essence, setting up boundaries like some conspiracy theory to create a
weak, hopeless society, I felt it was high time to unleash the intense workouts that you
CAN do & SHOULD do.
If you feel you’re in need of extra conditioning when following any of the programs, then
add conditioning of ANY sort. Use extra CrossFit workouts, SEALFit, The SEAL Quest,
Gym Jones, etc. Better yet, start thinking for YOURSELF and attack YOUR weak areas.
You KNOW what needs to be done.
DO NOT......
Don’t e mail me asking what to do on conditioning days, just get out there and beat the
piss out of yourself. Period. Do NOT e mail me asking me how to perform these
exercises. Go and search my you tube channel or other respectable sources. NO short
cuts, NO excuses, NO substitutes. Get it done, ALL of it.
This course is for advanced lifters, not beginners or intermediates
. I’ve already
warned you before your purchased this course.
If you don’t know what a recline row is, a dip bar leg raise, etc then do NOT e mail me
asking me such lazy, stupid questions. Look it up on
r do your
own due diligence and research.
To preface that last sentence, by now, you should KNOW what these movements
are. Period. If you don’t know what they are then you obviously haven’t trained
seriously, EVER. Your technique should be dialed in and you are using these
workouts to guide you to the next level. Nothing fancy here. NO pictures, etc. It’s
time to do some serious WORK.
I’ve said it countless times and I’ll say it again:

These workouts have been modified from their original versions with
MUCH higher intensity.
This means more overall volume: more sets, more conditioning, etc.
The standard is higher and I’ve raised the bar.
Seriously. I HATE working with complainers, cry babies & pussies. This entire
collection of workouts is branded for the men / women who want to step up their
game BIG time.
USE these workouts and face them head on. If they collect “dust” on your
computer you suck and you never should have gotten these workouts in the first
Do NOT contribute to the Pussification Of America OR the world. I’ve had
pussies e mail me asking for refunds on products with comments such as:
“The program didn’t work for me, I tried, and I want a refund.....”
“I forgot I bought this program, can I get the $27 refund, that’s a lot of money where I
come from....”
Fuck you and fuck your refunds. ALL of these programs work when YOU do the work. If
27 bucks or 47 bucks is a lot of money for you then go get a fucking job at McDonald’s
for A FEW hours a week and you’ll make MORE than 47 dollars. Seriously, these
pathetic excuses make me sick. That is WHY I created Project X. It is NOT for the cry
baby complainers. It’s for YOU, the person who has guts and understands that training
for life is gonna HURT.
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